15 AMP Automatic Smart Lithium and AGM Battery Charger, Maintainer and Jump Booster

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6V/12V Portable Automatic Smart Battery Charger & Maintainer with Boost

With DS18’s INF-SBC15A, it's easy to maintain and charge your battery to ensure it will operate at its MAX, delivering uninterrupted power to your sound system and elevating your experience to new heights.
Equipped with advanced charging and maintaining capabilities, the INF-SBC15A is designed to power a wide range of battery types; including Lead-Acid, Wet, Gel, and AGM, Calcium, and Lithium batteries using LiFePO4 cells. No matter the size and type of your battery, the INF-SBC15A effortlessly delivers a maximum output current of 15A, ensuring an efficient charging process. With voltage compatibilities for 6V and 12V systems, the INF-SBC15A is the most versatile charger available today. Switch between voltage compatibilities with the press of a button and optimize your charger for all your vehicles. 12V Mode allows the option to choose your maximum charging output between 2, 6, 10, and 15A; while 6V mode only allows for choosing between 2A and 5A. This charger also has an AUX output for charging and accessory power; for your phone, power lamps, and other AUX compatible applications. When utilized in a 12V vehicles system the INF-SBC15A jump charges the battery with power as high as 20A in close to 300 seconds.
The INF-SBC15A is equipped with a range of essential safety features, including thermal protection to prevent overheating, reverse connection protection to safeguard against accidental mistakes, and overcurrent/overcharge protection to maintain a healthy battery life. The INF-SBC15A also has an impressive IP20 protection rating. This means it is protected against solid bodies (like fingers or dust) up to 12.5mm, ensuring the internal components are shielded from any potential damage. This charger is also temperature tested and operates flawlessly in temperatures ranging from 0°C to +40°C.
DS18’s INF-SBC15A goes beyond standard charging and maintenance capabilities with it’s innovative repair mode. This advanced battery recovery mode can bring back batteries that have been neglected or plagued by common issues such as sulfation, stratification, or long periods of inactivity.
This charger is also extremely portable. Take this charger with you everywhere and you’ll always have juice on the go. Switch this charger to Power Supply Mode in order to charge without an AC Outlet. When in Power Supply Mode this battery is fixed at 13.6V and has a maximum output current of 7A.
Intelligently designed to handle battery capacities ranging from 2Ah to an impressive 400Ah. Your battery’s size won’t matter, the INF-SBC15A provides the perfect charging and maintaining solution for all setups. DS18’s INF-SBC15A is an essential companion for every audio enthusiast.


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